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Need of ICTEM

Due to the lack of formal training and standards in the industry, and a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled laborers, BCA members had always faced a need of urgent skill training during their events. The Management of BCA felt there was a sheer need for a proper system of educating their personnel for the ease of Catering Business.

Every other Industry had its own benchmarks, while Catering Industry was still left out as a totally unorganized industry with the lack of practical knowledge and certification.

Catering & Event Management has always been the two sides of a coin, wherein both go together and can’t survive without the existence of another. In spite of this inseparability, Event Management had always been recognized by the Authorities and been given a special stand in Educational field, whereas Catering Industry is still thriving to prove its existence to the education sector.

Submitted by ictem, 2 years ago