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5 things you should know about your Catering

Tue Aug 14 2018

Catering industry is very challenging one must know the facts is carries

1)Catering is cost efficient business: It gives you the opportunity to stretch your skill and creativity in terms of food.hence doing this becomes cost efficient than opening a hotel and running it.

2)Catering requires a permit, license and certification: Ensure a legal permit and license with an essential certificate to run the catering business. As it is mandatory to have so.

3)Be realistic about the size of event you can cater: While working in the catering business expanding your customer base, be careful about accepting the jobs more than you can handle.

4)Be flexible with your catering menu: Don't be afraid to be flexible about the menu. customised menu as per the needs and demands from the customer.

5)Enjoy Yourself: There is always a moment where you need to enjoy yourself. Keep a good attitude and know that your hard work is paying off.


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