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An Overview of Indian Industry of Catering Services

Tue Aug 14 2018

Catering service has been an important sector in many countries. But it has recently in few years had seen a fast-paced growth due to many reasons. India is a country which is full of festivals & Ceremonies. The growth of the Catering Industry in such a country is worth taking a note. The Catering India has been extending beyond marriages & ceremonies.

Here are a few reasons why there is a growth in the catering industry in India

Interest in catering Services: Now the trend has been changed from the family meal preparation to catering arrangement by the family members. It saves a lot of time and gives better choices.

Cross-region Specialities: earlier it was preferred to have a regional food as suggested by the community, Now the trend has been changed the popularity of some dishes makes it demanding to the most and to have them as their menu. All thanks to Caterers.

Catering Institute: It is indeed surprising that there is an upcoming Institute for Catering which gives the right platform to the students and also guides them to make a career in the catering industry. 

Corporate culture: Apart from social gathering & festive occasion there are increasing demands from corporate to incorporate catering into their event to enhance its success.

Catering now a day is not just limited to the festival & occasion. Though the industry doesn’t rest for a year as there is a huge demand for Catering by other sectors throughout the year.


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