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Introduction to Indian Food Culture

Tue Nov 13 2018

Dear All,

                        The topic is a bit different but we are all fond of it, we always hear that “अन्नहेपूर्णब्रम्ह“ this means food accommodate the whole world. If we consider the basic needs of human beings, then food is the first requirement that we need. That is why priority has been given to food in primary needs Such as food, clothing and shelter. Food and your health are interconnected to each other. You cannot deny that nutritious and delicious food shows its direct effect on our Health.

                      When you think of food, then food can be classified into two group, one "Vegetarian" and another "Non - Vegetarian".There is a difference between these two groups. When we think of the culture of our country, we realize that the maximum number of people in our country is a vegetarian and vegetarian is very important in our food culture. When you think about Indian culture we realised that our Population majorly consist of Vegetarians. In Indian food culture, importance is given to vegetarian food. There is a belief that Human thoughts take shape as per the food he consumed. 

                      Indian food culture is regarded as one of the world highly appreciated culture. Indian culture has been integrated with many festivals. Here every festival is brought to it is separate importance. Every festival in our country comes with a variety of food, prepared for the following festival. Festivals and food cannot be separated, in fact, the festival remains incomplete without food. It has been said there is a unique connection between festivals and food which can be seen in our Indian culture. 

                             Some things are very important to cook food which can be liked by everyone. It consists of the following: What kind of passion has been put to cook the food! List of ingredient for the recipe with the right measure! Cooking duration! Food Presentation! The taste and aroma of food! In reality, the right food can be prepared through the right method. Given a simple example: "If you ask ten people to make tea, they have different taste ” how its possible? Ask this question to your mind, you will get the answer, “In the old days the food was just an art. More than art, nowadays the food preparation is considered as a scientific technique”. 

                               If you want to know this art and technique, it is very important to study it properly under appropriate guidance. You can get more information about this topic in the next episode.

                                                                    - Dr Vinay Shankar Pande


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