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Grooming standards

  1. Students have to wear uniform and accessories prescribed by the Institute. 
  2. Uniform must be clean, spotless, well maintained and ironed.
  3. Shirt/tops must be buttoned up all the times.
  4. Non- revealing and suitable color inner wear must be worn.
  5. Trouser should be of the correct length.
  6. Footwear must be cleaned/polished daily.
  7. Fingernail must be kept clean, filled and shaped.
  8. No chewing gum, Pan Masala or similar content allowed in the institute.
  9. Regular use of mild deodorant or antiperspirant is encouraged. Moisturizers can be used as required.
  10. Avoid Strong perfumes
  11. Daily Shower to avoid body odor.
  12. Use mouth freshener Spray to avoid Mouth Odour.
  13. A watch with plain or simple designed must be worn.
  14. No rings except wedding ring in case student are married.
  15. Identity card must be worn all the time on premises
  1. Plain Black Socks without design or embroidery to be worn.
  2. Tie Design should be simple. The end tip of the tie should touch the middle or top part of the belt.
  3. Black Belts to match the shoes.
  4. Clean shave daily. Beards are not permitted.
  5. Mustaches must be neat, freshly trimmed, and should not cover the upper lips.
  6. Fancy, wild hairstyles are not allowed.
  7. Clean, professional looking, freshly styled hair, well combed with backline hairline above the collar.
  8. All Sikh (Male) students should wear black turbans. Patkas are not allowed.
  9. Hair should not cover the ears.
  10. Sideburns, not longer than the mid-ear section.
  11. Moderate use of gels, Mousses, and hairsprays.
  1. Hair Must Not be streaked in color.
  2. Short Hair must be styled away from the face and kept off the shoulders all times.
  3. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied neatly in a bun and it should not cover the face.
  4. Fringes must be proper and above the eyebrow.
  5. Basic Makeup which suits your uniform, face and skin tone.
  6. Hands and legs to be waxed regularly.